About Us

We at SolarLads are a group tech-enthusiastic individuals, particularly interested in alternative energy. We specialize in and provide high quality articles on alternative energy, renewable energy and clean technology companies.

Our aim is to help the ‘solar’ enthusiasts with new cutting edge inventions in Solar energy. In particular, we cover portable solar power devices – Solar backpacks, solar briefcases, solar generators, solar cellphones, solar roads, solar gadgets, solar device related tutorials and more.

Why we started

World wide web (WWW) have grown to a great extent in the past decade. Thousands of blogs, forums, websites, wikis have been created on each topic – Mobile phones, Laptops, Memes, Books, all available gadgets, even on iPhone apps. BUT, the number of blogs/forums are very low in case of alternative energy sources like Solar energy.

Excluding some unique solar blogs, the contribution of individuals who are well versed in Solar devices is very low. So we decided to provide small contribution to make the situation better.

But instead of creating a simple blog, we decided to create an exclusive platform where solar enthusiasts can come together and share their knowledge on solar devices, find reference for any information and get to discuss various developments in solar devices.

SolarLads is the first step towards our goal. Soon we are planning to create a forum dedicated to discuss various solar based devices. In this blog, we will provide complete information on solar power generation systems and devices.

Want info on any particular technology or get your gadgets reviewed? Feel free to contact us.

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