Don’t buy a solar backpack without checking the following 7 things

The demand for solar backpacks is increasing gradually due to the number of instabilities that we are experiencing today. If you are going into hiking or camping, the appeal of solar backpack is obvious. You will always have a battery charger in hand that makes great sense on outdoor trips. You can charge all your personal devices to your heart’s content without emitting even a single gram of carbon.  Solar backpacks are stylish enough, and there exist a lot of designs and models that are perfect for you.

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Solar backpacks are highly beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts, as they will get unlimited source of power wherever they go.  However, you should know that not all solar backpacks are made same, and you should think about a number of things while buying a solar backpack.  You need to do little research and know about the pros and cons of solar backpacks. Below are my suggestions about what to consider while buying solar backpack.

1. Make sure it has built-in solar panels

The design of solar backpacks may depend on the intended functionality and manufacturer’s preference. When shopping around, look for the one that has built-in solar panels that eliminate potential problems such as – reduced charging capability, damaging the panels etc. You need to check how much power you need, so that you can decide the size of the solar panels. Remember that the power rating of these units differs from each other, and therefore, you should base your decisions based on your practical requirements.

2. Look for backpacks with mobile solar panels

Many people buy solar backpacks believe that it may not be enough for their requirements on the trail. They find that they need more power than they had planned, at later stage. This is where fold-able solar panels can solve your problem. They are easy and convenient to carry, and you can simply hang them across your solar backpacks. The key advantage of mobile solar panels is that they can be arranged in such a way that they capture more energy from sun.

3. Find the one that is stylish and at the same time durable

Durability is one of the essential factors to consider while buying solar backpacks. There is no question that you will be using these backpacks more in outdoors than indoors, possibly on a rough terrain. The durability can different form manufacturer to the other, even though they are made of a solid material. Look for a solar backpack that is tolerant to different temperatures and weather, based on the type of environment you are going to use it.

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Stylish ECEEN Waterproof Backpacks

Stylish ECEEN Waterproof Backpacks

4. Check if it is resistant to different climatic conditions

Most of the buyers often forget the fact that weather proof is one of the most important features to look for. You cannot ignore the fact that you will not have any control over weather. It can be sunny at one time and suddenly you may experience rain. It may be a good decision to buy backpacks that are treated with weather proofing.

5. Ensure it is light weight and portable

As solar backpacks are used for grid use, make sure that it is light and portable. A backpack is meant for carrying your stuff while travelling and it makes a sense in carrying portable and light-weight backpacks. It is vital that your backpack is hassle free for loading and unloading wherever you stop. To experience the joy of a wonderful vacation or camping, you should consider lightweight backpacks that reduce burden on your shoulders. You will enjoy your trip by having less weight on your shoulders.

6. It should be spacious

You will have a lot of things to carry in your backpack, when you are on a trip. A solar backpack for camping or travelling should have enough space inside as well as multiple pockets and sockets. There must be enough sockets inside the backpack for your cameras and handsets to rest, while they are being charged from solar unit. A stylish and spacious solar backpack works well in defining your personality. So, don’t ignore the look and feel of your backpack. Stick on to your preferences and aesthetic concepts, along with other features.

7. Reliable power with powerful batteries and solar cells

You should remember that a solar backpack is different from a regular backpack, and is made purposefully to gather solar power and juice up your personal gadgets away from home or office. So, it is vital that your solar backpack is equipped with high power battery and solar cells. It would be ideal to shop for a solar backpack that has flexibility in the type of batteries it is going to charge. This also eliminates the need to carry additional batteries.

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The above 7 tips will allow you to select the right solar backpack for your particular needs. By having the right solar backpack, you can turn your trip into a wonderful memory. I hope you will find an amazing solar backpack that won’t burden your journey and ensure enough energy to charge up your gadgets. Check out the portable solar generators list from Solar Lads here..

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