How to choose between a Solar Backpack and a Briefcase?

Solar backpacks, briefcases and handbags are highly in demand these days. These light weight items fall under the category of portable solar generators. Solar backpacks and solar briefcase have different features and specifications, and one can choose them after analyzing their features and usage benefits. There is a wide range of solar backpacks and briefcases with high quality solar panels that provide charging power for your personal gadgets when you are on the go.

Before we know about their features and specifications, let us know what they are meant for. Solar backpacks and solar briefcase have no similarity, except the fact that they produce energy from sunlight. Solar backpacks are used for camping and trekking purpose, whereas solar briefcase is like dragging a suitcase and you can take a heavy solar power generator.

Comparison of solar backpacks and solar briefcases

Portable solar generators are usually integrated with solar panels, battery, inverter and other elements. Solar backpacks and solar briefcase are designed the same way, but with a huge difference in size and capacity.

Why Solar backpacks?

Solar backpacks offer an innovative method of charging personal gadgets, especially when you are away from the power supply. The backpacks have solar panels in the front so that they can soak up natural light continuously and feed it to the storage battery to produce a renewable source of energy. This energy can be utilized to charge gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, torch light, mini heaters, etc. Better models of solar backpacks boast a more size-able panel that is needed to capture more light to make the backpack much more useful.

  • Comfort and storage are the two main factors of solar backpacks. You can get a fewer models with more inner storage pockets and charging points. They generate energy as you walk anywhere outside as the sun shines in the sky
  • Solar backpacks provide an eco-friendly way of recharging your gadgets, as you need not to use mains and can go a long way to reduce carbon fine print
  • Solar backpacks are an important evolution in gadget world and help people lead a better lifestyle. The features and functionalities of solar backpacks during camping and trekking have made them the best choice.

Why Solar Briefcases?

Coming to solar briefcases, these are quite different from solar backpacks. Solar briefcase is not a travel luggage carrier, but a heavy power solar generator that is carved out in the form of a briefcase. These are perfect for caravans, GPS systems, boats and laptop computers. The solar briefcases can be folded up into a rugged carrying case with the power connections detached completely for enhanced safety.

  • Solar briefcases do have high-end solar power components, and one can expect to make large amount of power needed for household, office or whole night camping
  • Solar briefcases are ideal for family or team that may need to move from one place to the other. These are favorite power sources of people, who get into adventurous expeditions or weekends on a regular basis
  • Solar briefcases can be used to ignite portable stove, lamps, charge gadgets and other devices.

With people juggling between multiple devices that need constant charging, solar generator manufacturers have sensed the opportunity and designed wonderful backpacks and briefcases, which not only protect your gadgets, but will recharge them. Whichever product you choose, there is one thing that is common in solar backpacks and solar briefcases. Their use never allows you to get disconnected from your digital devices. Though they produce same service, they are targeted for different audiences and are meant for different purposes.

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