Do you know? China is the major producer of solar power now.

Solar power is an unlimited source of energy when compared to other energy sources like fossil fuels which have become expensive to retrieve. Even lesser developed nations are looking to Solar power generation instead of conventional energy sources like expensive imported fuels.

Many countries in the world are turning to solar energy and China, is the most important and populous country in the world that is using solar energy. Installed photovoltaic capacity of China has increased double fold as per the National Energy Administration (NEA). China’s capacity has reached 77.42 gigawatts.

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The numbers are quite extraordinary, however keeping in mind the massive Chinese population, that numbers are not that notable. Solar energy accounts for only one percent of the country’s energy production.

Attention on clean energy has been the focus of China and it plans to add 110 gigawatts of solar power within the next three years. Which means an increase of 30% of renewable energy by 2030, that accounts to a mere 11%?

Investment to the tune of $360 billion is planned in green energy products – hydropower, nuclear, solar and wind. Currently coal is the main source of creating power. The burning of coal produces soot, acid rain, smog, toxic air emission, along with waste like toxic chemicals, waste heat, ash, and sludge.

Another disadvantage of coal is that it pollutes the air, land and water while storing, transporting and mining. Solar energy on the other hand can clear the skies and also boost economy by creating around 13 million jobs.
China has another plus in developing solar energy farms, it is the generous land masses available for creation of such farms. Provinces of Henan, Xinjiang, and Shandong have increased solar capacity last year. Overall capacity of solar energy production has increased in provinces of Xinjian, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu.

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China’s commitment to invest heavily in green energy sources is clear to other nations. This commitment has pushed other countries to work harder to focus more on green energy sources and create a clean and healthy planet.
Ireland is another country that has joined the group of green energy investors by passing a bill to rid the country of fossil fuels. Iceland is another country that is finding creative ways to move away from fossil fuels. It plans to drill the largest geothermal energy well.

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The scenario is unfair to other countries which are unable to compete with China’s investment in green energy. However, this will provide motivation to countries like US which is far behind in improvements on green energy sources and make the country to implement policies that will invest more in green energy and not protect the fossil fuel industry – a matter of great concern today.

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