5 best handpicked solar Backpacks every traveler should own in 2017

If you are a frequent traveler, then you would have experienced this problem a lot. Ending up in remote places with battery drained devices – may it be a mobile to make emergency calls or laptops and tablets to entertain you. Sometimes such situations can kill the mood of the tour. How to solve this problem? Power banks might be simple solution for short distance tours. But for long travels?

Portable solar backpacks (Or may be solar briefcases) – Imagine carrying an independent power station in your backpack. A power backpack that would charge unlimited mobiles, tablets and what not. All you would need is Sunlight.

Solar power is the best and only available option for long distance travelers who love to get lost into nature and smell freedom. In present world, almost 95% devices used by us relies on external power. These solar backpacks can act as reliable power sources for any of your devices, including but not limited to mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and even digital cameras. And the best part is, these are not external devices. Solar backpacks can act as bags to carry everything and also act as power source for your devices

Being a traveler myself, I struggled a lot to find reliable backpack. Keeping that in mind, we asked 3 of our reliable sources (2 travelers and 1 travel aggregator) to rate the best available solar backpacks in the market. (You can find the best available backpack in market here. But only few can buy it) And here follows the best of the list

1. SolarGoPack 10k Solar Powered BackPack

Most powerful & 100% water-proof backpack available in market

SolarGo 10K BackPack

SolarGo 10K BackPack

Price $99.95
Brand SolarGoPack
Dimensions 4 x 7 x 17 inches
Solar Panel 5 Watts
Battery 10000 mAh
Inside Space 30 Liters

Comparatively costlier than it’s counterparts, SolarGoPack 12k solar Backpack comes with a very powerful 12K mAh Lion battery, which makes it preferable in terms of usage. Typically a smartphone will have 1440mAh-2100mAh battery and hence a backpack with at least 9000-10000 mAh battery is necessary for hard travelers, so that you can charge your iPhone 3-4 times.

With 12000 mAh battery, SolarGoPack is the most recommended solar backpack in the market. Further, the backpack houses a 5 Watt solar cell and hence it can produce significant power within a short time. Volume of the backpack is around 27-30 liters and is equipped with self-integrated adapters compatible with a range of mobile devices. Additionally the backpacks come with lots of compartments, significantly with a water bladder

Though the appearance seems to be dull, the material is durable, strong and completely water proof. And it can definitely charge your laptop.

Consider buying it for

  1. Durability
  2. Power in terms of battery (However 5W solar cells are under powered)
  3. I own one of this. And I am happy with the use
  4. Affordable for students

Link to buy – http://amzn.to/1UbP91u

2. Voltaic Systems 10W Backpack

Do not read the features if you cannot afford it 🙂

Price $379.00
Brand Voltaic Systems
Dimensions 16.5 x 9 x 10.5 inches
Solar Panel 3 with total output of 10 Watts
Battery 20000 mAh
Inside Space 25 Liters
Voltaic Systems 10W Backpack

Voltaic Systems 10W Backpack

Best backpack available in the market as of today. Always comes with a warning from peers : “Make sure that you can afford this and that you actually need this”. My best guess is, this backpack has been designed for Zombie Apocalypse in future. This backpack is like buying an expensive iPhone – Needs lots of research, priced twice their peers and quite an eye catcher. But the features that comes with the backpack are worth it

The features are simply awesome and you can find the difference quite easily.

  1. Average battery power of other backpacks – 10k mAh ; Battery power of Voltaic 10W Backpack – 20k mAh
  2. Average Solar panels capacity – 5 to 7W ; Solar Panels in Voltaic 10W Backpack – 10W
  3. worried about the extent of usage? Don’t think. The solar system can be removed from backpack and can be used for almost anything
  4. Lightweight backpacks although being water, UV rays and scratch resistant

The power stored in these backpacks will be sufficient enough to fully charge large laptops (including 15″ screens). Considering the robust battery power (do the math), these backpacks can charge tables 2-3 times and will not take more than 3-4 hours to harness the power from sun

And the list of features does not end here. These backpacks can be connected to cars for charging (Comes with a DC connector point). Also Voltaic 10W backpack is loaded with a range of mobile device plugin points. The volume of the backpack is in par with other backpacks. But still the best option available in market

Consider buying it

1. If you can afford it
2. If you do not mind the stupid design

Link to Buy – https://amzn.to/1TKz9ER

3. EnerPlex Packr Solar Base Backpack

Decent solar power backpacks for business travelers

Enerplex 10W Solar Backpack

EnerPlex Packr Solar Base Backpack

Price $99.99Now at $39.95
Brand Enerplex
Dimensions 13.5 x 5.9 x 17.7 inches
Solar Panel 3 Watts
Battery Info NA
Inside Space 25 Liters

One of it’s kind solar backpacks from the innovators of portable solar devices – Enerplex. When I mentioned ‘business travelers’, I meant it. This solar backpack is specifically designed for business trips of shorter durations.

5V USB output from these backpacks can literally charge any gadgets including laptops. These backpacks have a unique interior compartment sleeves to home your laptops, with a inner pass-through to connect for charging. Further they provided quite a number of inner compartments, intentionally designed to hold
pens, business cards, notebooks and any other business supplies

These backpacks come with adjustable shoulder straps and hence can be used for short outdoor trips. But if you plan to go on some long trip, do not rely on this backpack

Consider buying it for

  1. Affordable, best option for business travelers
  2. Adjustable chest and shoulder straps
  3. Professional design

Link to Buy – https://amzn.to/1UcIt38

4. ECEEN 7Watts Solar Backpack

Though expensive, worth the money you pay

ECEEN 7Watts Solar Backpack

ECEEN 7Watts Solar Backpack

Price $199.99Now at $139.95
Dimensions 18.5 x 4 x 13 inches
Solar Panel 6.5 Watts
Battery 10000 mAh Dual USB Output
Inside Space 30 Liters

Being one of the leading manufacturers of solar based products from China, ECEEN manufactures highly stylish, visually appealing and feature-rich products, though their products are surprisingly over priced sometimes. Particularly this particular backpack is bit over priced for the features they provide.

However, this is one of the best sellers in Solar products category in Amazon. This is because of the multi-utilization uses it provides – Be it for small hiking picnic or one day travel or even a bike ride. The fold-able structure of the bag makes it easy to carry it anywhere. And after all, it is too light at 1.06 pounds.

Consider buying it for

  1. ECEEN solar backpacks come with multiple options on color
  2. PVC fabric promising durability
  3. Durable yet light-weight material

Link to Buy – https://amzn.to/1TKzo2L

5. VIVO Solar Backapck with Battery Portable Charger in Urban/Woodland Camo

Need something inexpensive? This is the best

VIVO Solar Backapck

VIVO Solar Backapck

Price $30.00
Brand VIVO
Dimensions 18 x 12.8 x 3.7 inches
Solar Panel 2.4 Watts
Battery 1600 mAh Dual USB Output
Inside Space 25 Liters

The cheapest worthy enough solar backpack available in the market. But as you would have guessed, the backpack will have only the basic facilities. The 2.4 Watts solar panel present in the solar backpack is just decent enough to keep your mobile phone working, when it’s switched on. However this backpack is not a reliable power source for your gadgets but can act as an reliable alternative in case the main power source fails.

Being one of the cheaply priced solar backpacks in the market today, this bag comes in two models (Urban Cameo at $29 and Woodland Camo at $34).

Though the bag and the panel is made of water resistant material, it can withstand rain. But we will not recommend you to completely immerse it in water :). You can conveniently use this bag as a part of your every day travel

Consider buying it for

1. Affordable and cheap gift for your hiking friend
2. Simple alternative for your power source without spending much

But if you are looking for a long time solution, never go for this. This solar backpack is just a temporary solution.

Link to Buy – https://amzn.to/1TVsqny

These reviews are based on the basic variants of each solar backpack. There might be small variants from each manufacturer. We suggest you to discuss about them in the comments below.

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