Review of Array Solar Laptop Backpack – Is this the perfect backpack for your outdoor adventures?

Are you often outdoors and like to have your phone and laptop with you? Do you always worry about them running out of power?

If yes, worry no more. Voltaic Systems has taken the time to develop a great solution for you – Array Solar Backpack. Packing a high efficiency, Array Solar Backpack is designed for charging small hand-held devices as well as laptops on the go. It is ideal for college students, who love studying outdoors. It is also great for hiking expeditions, where you can’t get a place to charge your devices, like camera and phone.

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Here, we provide a comprehensive review of Array Solar Backpack so that you can decide whether it is perfect for your needs or not. Check out our top solar backpacks here.

Product Specifications

Price $379
Manufacturer Voltaic Systems
Dimensions (LxWxH) 19″ x 11″ x 7″
Weight 5.11 pounds (Including solar panels and battery)
Backpack Capacity 25 Liters
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Battery Capacity 19,800mAh or  73 Watt Hours
Solar Panels 11.0 Watts at 6 or 18 Volts
DC Output 12, 16, and 19 Volts
USB Output 5 Volts
Included Accessories 10 Laptop adapters, laptop output cable, AC and DC chargers
Warranty 2 years on backpack and panels; 1 year on battery

What’s inside? 

The rugged Array Solar Backpack comes with lots of compartments, including a dedicated, padded laptop section, which allows you to safely store and power up your laptop or tablet on the go.

The interior of the backpack also features well-organized compartments for the burly lithium polymer battery, connector pins, as well as the AC power cord for charging the battery from an AC source. With a rating of 19,800mAh or 73 Watt Hours, the battery has an excellent charge capacity, holding more power compared to most 15-inch laptop batteries. What this means is that you can actually increase the run time of a fully charged PC by two times, or increase the run time of your smartphone by eight times before the battery runs out.

The battery comes with a series of adapters, which makes it compatible with virtually every electronic device.  It is worth noting that when connecting the battery to any of your devices, you need to select the appropriate voltage – 12 volts, 16 volts, or 19 volts – before you turn the battery on to ensure that it works efficiently.

What’s outside?                      

Array Solar Backpack features an integrated phone pouch on its over-the-shoulder straps. The shoulder strap pouch allows you to charge your phone from the battery while at the same time having convenient access to it.  Likewise, the bag has waist straps. Also worth mentioning is the phone connector pouch, which features nicely-covered wiring along the straps. Additionally, the backpack has two side pouches that add to its convenience.

The front part of the backpack features a compact set of three hard-wearing solar panels, which are encased in a heavy-duty plastic frame. This means that this backpack can fall hard on the ground, but the solar panels will remain intact. Together, these high-efficiency panels generate 11 Watts of power when exposed to direct sunlight, translating to about 30 hours of battery life on an energy-efficient PC laptop.

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This front part is designed in a way that you can remove it or attach it to another bag with the aid of the provided straps dips. You can as well carry it separately.

The fabric of the backpack is made from recycled PET, which is responsible for its lightweight and waterproof properties. In fact, when completely empty, except for the battery and solar panels, the bag weighs just a little over 5 pounds. This is great, in light of the fact that many portable solar chargers of the same size normally weigh 3-5 pounds without even the battery. The 600D shell is also waterproof and UV resistant.

Advantages of Array Solar Backpack

  • Tough, elegant, and lightweight
  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • High-rated, high-efficiency battery
  • Backpack has sufficient space for optimal storage
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on bag and solar panels as well as 1-year warranty on battery

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Array Solar Backpack is far more expensive compared to other brands.


To sum it up, Voltaic Systems Array Backpack is an outstanding, first-rate solar backpack. Its 19,800mAh battery and 11-watts solar panels are two of the premium quality products you’ll find in an equally rated mid-size category, and this makes Array to stand out among its competitors.  While the only thing about this bag that can scare you is the price, nothing can be more satisfying than the feeling of walking around with your own power source, which provides you with all the power you need at any given time. Voltaic systems also have the reputation of making products that surpass customer expectations. Therefore, this bag will definitely provide value for your money.

Link to buy Array Solar Backpack – Amzn

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