Short review on Birksun – How good are their solar backpacks?

We wish to have a backpack which accommodates everything that we need for our missions, orderly and neatly. But we expect it to be light enough in weight for a happy journey. It’s now possible with a solar backpack from Birksun.

Birksun backpacks function exactly as any other charger to free up the space filled by the batteries. They make your baggage much lighter. Birksun is a top brand in selling these solar backpacks since 2013. And guess what – We at decided to review their products at an overall level.

This extensive review on Birksun will help you understand what solar backpack really is. We give you a clear insight on all the technicalities involved and a good taste on specifications. This review helps you wisely compare solar backpacks. You should be able to pick the best one after going through this review.

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Product Functionality

The utilities of Birksun solar backpack are many. We can maximize them when we understand it properly. Birksun serves us more than a normal backpack with its added feature.It’s important to understand how that additional feature of the backpack works.

Birksun backpacks charge our gadgets with a speed equal to that of our traditional wall chargers. When exposed for 2 min to the sun, a Birksun backpack can deliver power equivalent to 1% of mobile battery. In almost 3 hours, Birksun with its lithium built-in battery of capacity 3000 MAH can charge your device. It also supports simultaneous charging. Birksun backpacks deliver power while being powered by the sun or from an external power source.

When you want to charge up your mobile, you don’t have to support it by holding it in your hands and adjusting its connection with the bag.Birksun backpacks address this pain with its stylish design. It has a dedicated space for both built-in power delivering battery and for your gadget.
Connect the mobile to the battery with a USB provided by Birksun and immerse yourself in any activity. It remains safe and intact with the bag unless you disconnect it when you need.


Birksun solar backpacks have highly durable and strong scratch-proof solar panels. They efficiently collect the magical energy of the sun and preserve it for us for a longer time than expected. Birksun solar panels belong to the latest generation of Nano-crystalline technology.

They have a higher absorption capacity. With thinner films, integrated along with fabric they beautifully hide into the texture of the bag. They add a greater flexibility without being sturdy and tough, not compromising on the smoothness of the bag.

Birksun takes a great care in giving an elegant and unique shape to every product. We quickly fall in love with the feel of these backpacks. Birksun’s finest fabric gives a comforting touch when it’s on our back. Standard YKK zipping shields everything inside from outside.


Birksun backpacks come in two different sizes viz. 16.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 4.5” (D) and 18.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 5.5” (D).


Birksun solar-powered backpack is a great companion to have with us on our every expedition of joy.

It fills us with energy whenever we are drained and we never feel its weight on us

Birksun offers a wide-range of backpacks that perfectly suit our every mode of touring. They make our travel more convenient and easy.

Festival Collection and Boost 2 Collection are the two major categories of Birksun backpacks available in the market. They differ in their size, style, and design in various colors. You can pick the desired variant according to your purpose and style.

Festival Collection

This collection is a smaller version of Birksun with size 16.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 4.5” (D) and weight 1.8 lbs. It comes in three color variants namely
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Festival Stone Solar Backpack

Festival Stone

Festival Desert Solar Backpack

Festival Desert

Festival Charcoal Solar Backpack

Festival Charcoal

Being a smaller kind, this backpack can fulfill our daily requirements of office or school. It doesn’t  impose a heavy load on us which is very much advisable for our normal conditions of the spine to bear. We can take Birksun out for a small sporting activity placing all our wear and gear comfortably inside it.All the three colors are at the same price of $ 144.

  • Birksun festival backpack has an impressive style with its easily accessible front pouch and two side pockets.It has a custom waxed fabric that gives a soft and long-lasting sense of touch. Water resistant polyester fabric makes the backpack usable even in rains giving a complete protection to interiors from moisture.
  • The pouch on the front is provided with a flap that has a magnetic button which automatically takes care of easy opening and closing. This pouch has a medium space that can store a book along with our wallet, mobile (for charging) or other gadgets.
  • When we open the front flap, we can find a built-in battery on the left side of the pocket which stores the solar energy. This battery has a four-tone LED display that indicates the available power for use.
  • When all the four lights are on in green color, the battery is fully charged and can deliver a power equivalent to 3000 MAH at 2.4 amps. Our gadgets like a mobile phone or an iPod or a tiny speaker can be connected to this battery with a USB cable. It’s always preferable to operate using the USB cord provided along with the backpack by Birksun.
  • We can see a small mobile-size slot right beside the battery.We can perfectly fit any mobile phone into it and it remains undisturbed as long as we charge it.
  • The two side pockets can hold sippers and water bottles tightly and can also hide many little things in that space.
  • Speaking of the main space, Birksun Festival backpack has only one compartment which has laptop holder that can easily accommodate any laptop of 15” screen size. The 15-liter space allows us to store approximately 4 folded clothes or 2 books. You can access the main compartment by a zipper.
  • We can also find a leather holding at the top which makes handling of the bag easy.

Birksun Festival collection also has a secret pocket at the bottom of the back with a zipper, which can be useful for storing highly important things like a passport or other sensitive papers.

Boost 2 Collection

  • Boost 2 comes with a relatively larger size when compared to that of the festival collection. Its dimensions are 18.5” (H) x 12” (W) x 5.5” (D).
  • It has a weight of 2.4 lbs.
  • It has a volumetric capacity of 20 liters which is greater than what Festival collection has.
  • It’s much recommended for a long travel which demands you to pack many things.
  • We can also take this along to our school or university where we need to carry both books and laptop simultaneously.
  • The strength of the body material, battery capacity, and its quality remains same as that of festival collection except for its style, design, and partitions.

Birksun Boost 2 has six color variants
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Mythos Black Edition Birksun Solar Backpack

Mythos Black Edition

Glacier White Edition Birksun Solar Backpack

Glacier White Edition

Boost 2 Festival Pink Birksun Solar Backpack

Boost 2 Festival pink

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  • Mythos Black Edition, Glacier White Edition and Boost 2 Gun Metal Grey have a common price of $ 139 whereas Boost 2 Festival Pink, Boost 2 Tropical Navy and Boost 2 California Blue can be bought at a reduced price of $109 now.
  • Mythos Black Edition has been in the Birskun’s best seller list so far. Compared to Festival collection, Boost 2 collection has a completely different design where it has two front pocket spaces both with zippers instead of a magnetic flap.
  • Out of the two pocket spaces, the front most pocket is the smallest with a single puller which is mainly meant to give stylized look to the backpack. We can push a thin mobile, a tiny book, a wallet or one or two USB chords into this smaller pocket space.
  • The bigger front pocket comes with two pullers. It has the built-in power delivering battery inside it. This pocket space is very similar to that of the front flap pocket in Festival collection.There’s a tiny sleeve right beside the battery. We can safely place our mobile inside while charging it.
  • Unlike festival collection, Boost 2 backpack has a separate compartment for the laptop apart from the regular space. We can also find a laptop sleeve at the back slightly above the shoulder straps.
  • With its 20 liter volumetric capacity and separate compartments for laptop and luggage, Boost 2 can accommodate a fairly large amount than a Festival backpack.
  • Also, it has got no side pockets for bottles and no secret zipper at the back.

How to Buy

You can now get a new Birksun backpack of your desired size and design shipped to your doorstep. It’s simple and easy.
Visit Birksun official website for product genuineness, compare various products, order one. Celebrate a cheerful outdoor experience along with thousands of others who own it.
TSA approves all the Birksun products for international travel. Birksun provides a one-year standard warranty along with their trusted customer support.

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