EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case for iPhone SE/5/5S

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On February 27, 2017
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Do you hate it when your iPhone runs out of power at a time when you need it most? Do you need power on the go?

Nothing can be more frustrating and inconveniencing than your phone going off during an emergency situation. To avoid the stress associated with such situations, you need to get yourself a reliable power backup solution.

EnerPlex has the perfect solution for you. They have developed a solar-powered iPhone case that is integrated with an Ultra Slim battery – EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case for iPhone SE/5/5S, SFI-2000-BK.

Here, we present you a comprehensive review of the solar-powered iPhone charging case to help you make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

What’s in EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case for iPhone?

Product Specification

Price $60
Model No. SFI-2000-BK
Manufacturer EnerPlex
Dimensions 8 x 4.2 x 1 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 2000 mAH
Additional Battery Life 120%
Standby Time 28 Days
Talk Time Over 24 hours
Music Time Over 140 hours
Video Time Over 25 hours
Wi-Fi Time Over 21 hours


General Description

Weighing just a little over 6 ounces and at only 1-inch thick, EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK is certainly the world’s lightest and thinnest Battery $ Solar Case.  The unit features a 2000 mAh battery pack incorporated into its ultra-slim, yet hard-wearing design.

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The battery ensures that there is an extra 100% supply of battery power to your iPhone. You have the option of whether to charge your iPhone or not. All you need to do is hold down the little black button for roughly 3 seconds. The case has 5 LEDs at the bottom and the blue LED indicates the charge level of your spare battery.

EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK iPhone case also features a micro-USB connector through which charging is done. What’s more, you can synchronize your iPhone with the case installed, a feature that is not present in most of the more popular cell phone cases.

The last LED on the EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case is red and is connected to the solar panel. When the LED is red, it means the case is charging. When it comes to solar charging, the case makes use of a thin-film solar panel, which is integrated with CIGS solar technology from Ascent Solar. Ascent Solar panels have a reputation for being flexible. In fact, you can easily drape them over various surfaces, which is quite cool. The solar panel lies on the back of the case.

Product Design

EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK is a simple, fairly well-built iPhone case, which is quite easy to install. You just need to install the iPhone into the Surfr case and then snap its top onto the top of the iPhone. Moreover, the case is designed in a way that you can easily access the buttons on your iPhone.  It also features a large cut-out for your iPhone’s camera and flash. The only disadvantage with the design is that the edges of the case are quite high. This blocks parts of your device’s True-Tone flash.


The first thing you need to do after buying the case is to charge it. All you have to do is to connect the case to a USB port. The case will start charging.

If you want to see how much battery remains in the case, simply press the on/off button, which is found at the bottom of the Solar Charging iPhone case. As stated in the general description, the LEDs on the left will light up accordingly. Namely, one LED means low battery whereas 5 LEDs mean full battery.

To start up the charging feature of the case, you should hold down the on/off button for about 3 seconds. Then, your iPhone will make the “connected” sound followed by the display of the charging symbol next to the battery.

When fully-charged, EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case should double the life of your iPhone’s battery. Nonetheless, battery life will largely depend on what you are doing with your iPhone.


While EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK is not waterproof or shockproof, it has the capacity to protect your iPhone from accidental bumps and drops. It features a nice rubbery fixture, which allows for a firm grip, preventing it from easily slipping out of your hand. The case does not come with a pre-installed screen protector, but its edges are so far away that you can install your own screen protector.

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Pros of EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK

  • Simple, nicely-built sleek design
  • Its durable and protective design safeguards your iPhone from drops and bumps
  • Very slim and portable – can easily fit in your pocket
  • Allows easy access to all your iPhone ports and buttons
  • Priority Charging – it charges your iPhone and then switches to charge the backup battery
  • Competitively priced.


  • The solar panel is somewhat redundant. You will mostly use it during an emergency, which doesn’t happen often.
  • The case does not come with a headset jack extension, which should enable you to use other headsets.

Final Verdict

EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup & Solar Powered Case for iPhone does exactly what the manufacturer says it can do. It not only can double your iPhone’s battery life but also serves as your iPhone’s protective case. This is quite impressive and a good reason to buy the product.

The only thing that may hold you back is the solar power aspect. It is somewhat redundant in light of the fact that the backup battery already gives you an extra 10-11 hours battery life. In spite of that, EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK performs extremely well.

Selling between $60 and $90, EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK may not sound cheap for you, but the price is justified due to the fact that its 2000mAh battery will ensure that your iPhone never runs out of power.

Therefore, buying EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK means no more dead iPhones while you are driving home, holed in the office late into the evening,  out at a party, enjoying outdoor adventures, etc.

EnerPlex Surfr SFI-2000-BK is not only the world’s Thinnest Battery $ Solar case but also the ultimate portable power solution for all situations you might encounter.

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