5+ perfect portable briefcase solar generators that will awe you

A portable solar charger or backpack would be enough for camping, hiking and other travel activities. However, if you know that a portable briefcase solar generator would power up all your mobile devices, gadgets and laptops, you may consider a briefcase solar generator for your next trip. Usually, solar generators are usually heavier than other solar devices, and these are not recommended for travelling.

Solar briefcase is the most comfortable and friendly design of portable solar generator that looks to be a briefcase style. It will no longer be a burden to carry a portable solar briefcase, as these are designed shoulder friendly with strong straps and handles. These portable solar briefcases let you carry solar power everywhere you go and charge as many as devices.

In this post, I would like to run through a plethora of briefcase solar generators, from which you can pick a suitable model as per your requirements.

1. SolarGoPack Pro Briefcase

Solar Gopack Solar Briefcases

SolarGoPro Briefcase

This is the best rated solar briefcase on Amazon and is popular for its sun-tracking solar panels. This is a durable and stylish leather briefcase equipped with a solar panel used to charge mobile devices. The solar panel on SolarGoPack Briefcase powers a battery that will charge any of the electronic devices and can charge several phones quickly on one battery.

It is equipped with a powerful 10,000mAh L-ion battery and 6.5 watt light weight solar panel, which is currently the most powerful solar panel technology in the market. The updated device adapters include 6.5 watt solar panel, dual panel briefcase design, most advanced adapters, TSA compliant and many more.

Key features

  • The briefcase generator looks awesome in fold-able form with its beautiful layout of solar panels
  • The battery inside this device is known for its long-lasting build and lightweight design
  • This is perfect item for those who want to take power with them wherever they go
  • Whether it is for business purpose, emergencies, events, school on-the-go, meetings, camping etc, you can carry it everywhere

Link – http://amzn.to/1TUEbNC

2. Nature power 55701 portable solar briefcase


Nature Power Solar Briefcase

It is a perfect solar charger in briefcase designs suitable for charging on job sites, boats, GPS systems and other places where you need extra charging power. You can easily fold the device in a rugged case, when not in use. Compared to the above model, it is less powerful and can generate 2.2 amp of power. Its compact design makes it portable and versatile.

Key features

  • This solar charger is tremendously portable and you will surely love it for its small size and less weight
  • Its marker actually designed this product as pocket-friendly solar power making it easy to carry for outings
  • The high efficient mono crystalline silicon solar cells give maximum power output and the built-in diode prevents discharging
  • It requires nature power charge controller of 8mp for efficient battery charging.

Link – http://amzn.to/20wuaZ6

3. Voltaic systems 18.0W portable solar briefcase

Voltaic Generator Laptop Charger Bag

Voltaic Generator Laptop Charger Bag

This voltaic portable solar briefcase is meant for laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is equipped with 1 rugged monocrystalline solar panel with 17.6W total peak output at 18V. This panel is coated with self-healing urethane to resist scratches. This system includes removable and portable V72 battery pack and a 20,000mAh/72Wh battery backup bank with 5V USB and 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A selectable outputs that can be charged from AC (wall) or DC (car).

Key features

  • This uniquely designed solar briefcase charger can power and charge laptops, professional cameras and other devices that charge from USB
  • The briefcase is made of lightweight, UV and water resistant fabric manufactured from soda bottles
  • It has 575 cubic inches of storage and a padded laptop sleeve for up to 17” laptops. For extra storage, it is provided with a removable shoulder strap, document sleeve and plenty of other storage pockets
  • It is available in 3 colors – orange, silver and charcoal

This solar briefcase with 17.6W rugged monocrystalline solar cells let you grab a volume of solar power for portable power use. Its sturdy shoulder strap makes it amazingly comfortable for carrying from one place to the other.

Link – https://amzn.to/1UbIe8g

4. Aspect sun-tracking solar briefcase

Aspect Solar Briefcase at 2000$

Aspect Solar Briefcase at 2000$

This portable solar generator is known for its automatically sun-tracking solar panels. Everything is equipped include this easy to carry solar briefcase, and you need to assemble anything separately. It can charge in 5 hours in good sunlight and 9 hours in poor sunlight. The solar panels of 60W along with battery of 250W produce consistent and long-term power. This solar briefcase supports 4 USB ports and has 12V DC outlet.

Key features

  • Aspect solar briefcase is figured out the way to ensure steady charge
  • You can keep your gadgets always ready with this sun tracking solar briefcase generator
  • You will probably wonder why this briefcase is so popular, but everything you need to harness the sun’s energy is already built-into the briefcase. So, you don’t need any exterior devices

What makes this solar briefcase great is that it brings sun-tracking power panel technology found in large solar power stations directly to you at affordable rates. When you open the briefcase, all you need to do is slip up the panel, slide out the wings and press the power switch. The solar panels will automatically position themselves to directly face the sun.

Link – https://amzn.to/1UbIiF4

5. Velleman SOL8 Compact solar generator in briefcase design

Velleman solar briefcase

Velleman solar briefcase

Velleman SOL8 briefcase style portable generator is an ideal product to power up 12V storage batteries and variety of gadgets. This generator comes with a compact and solid briefcase that can be folded when not in use. This briefcase is nice pack for all your emergency and survival requirements.

Key features

  • This solar briefcase generator is different from other models listed above and is suitable for small and big power requirements
  • It can collect good amount of electricity that can run bunch of portable devices include – tablets, laptops and smartphones
  • In case you feel that the output is not sufficient, you can add extra solar panels and batteries
  • It is also equipped with detachable connectors for different applications and blinking charging indicator

Link – https://amzn.to/20wAvDG

Solar briefcases are the best and amazing products in the market that generate unlimited power from renewable source of energy. With these solar briefcases, you are not just conserving energy, but also the cost and time of charging your gadgets. Owing a portable solar briefcase is a good option, as it comes with a number of advantages of saving energy, environment and money.

Why late? Grab the handle of this self-contained solar briefcase and experience the joy of a great vacation!

Do you want to build a solar briefcase from wood? See the complete tutorial below.

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